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Large Shade Tree Preservation

We can help you enjoy your trees longer and reduce the risk of storm damage by lightening heavy ends and removing dead, broken, diseased and conflicting limbs.

Hazardous Tree Removal

We often remove large trees which are obviously dead. But sometimes we remove dangerous trees which are very healthy looking and have full crowns because they are rotten at the base, like this Apple, which was over a house in Boulder.

Fine Pruning of Fruit Trees and Ornamentals

Vision and attention to detail are key to proper pruning. We at Augustine Trees enjoy the meditative process of trimming with a handsaw and snips. We can orchard prune your fruit tree for maximum production, prune your fruit tree as an ornamental for appearance, or take a hybrid approach.

Specialty services

Storm cleanup

Tree sales

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Stump grinding

Remove ugly, unwanted stumps from your property.

We offer emergency cleanup service for storm damage.

Our company sells fruit, shade, and ornamental trees.

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Fire Mitigation

We can help make your property safer by planning and performing fire mitigation. In hard to get to places, like this job on Flagstaff Mountain, we can install hoisting systems to get the material out without destroying the landscape and causing unnecessary erosion.

Urban Forestry Management

We help many area Home Owner Associations to assess their forests, prioritize their tree needs, and write and execute 3-5 year tree plans. Often we work with little or no landing area and have to help large trees survive in small places.

Urban Hardwood Harvesting  

Some homeowners, sad to see their trees removed, ask us to save large trunk pieces and transport them to a local mill and continue enjoying their trees in the form of tables, benches and chairs. Dead Black Walnuts, like the one pictured here, can be turned into beautiful furniture.

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